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  • Thermally-broken, aluminum-framed curtain wall with triple glazing insulating sealed units
  • Solid wood suite entry door with recessed pot light set in wood frame portal with stone threshold
  • Individual suite numbering on wood frame portal
  • Demising and corridor wall assembly as per Group D occupancy classification; dry wall (filled, taped and sanded)primed for paint
  • Exposed concrete open ceiling
  • Provisions for building standard manual blinds on all exterior glazing (optional upgrade for motorized)Structural
  • Post tension concrete slab with a smooth trowelled finish
  • Typical floor loading is 50 psf live load with 20 psf partition load.
  • Exposed concrete columnsMechanical
  • Heating and chilled water shall be distributed to hydronic fan-coils.
  • Minimum of one or two fan coils serving the interior and exterior zone (with dedicated controls and thermostats) sized based on 500ft2/ton with dedicated supply duct/ branch terminated behind the fan coils. Supply air rates are based on ASHRAE minimum for offices.
  • Rough in for plumbing at select locations and zones designated by Developer
  • Light hazard, quick response, upright sprinkler heads to suit open ceiling plan and served by an automatic fire protection system


  • 208/120V 3 phase 4 wire electrical panel located on each floor. Each floor has a 120-volt panel off of the main distribution used to power the LED lighting directly. Electrical panel location per Developer
  • Electrical outlets at designated locations;
  • Office LED lighting is designed for 5×5 volumetric or suspended linear with 20’ x 48’ fixtures in open office spaces with one fixture for every 10’ by 10’ ceiling grid module; Minimum number of light fixture provided to meet base building occupancy
  • LED lighting systems designed for automated using the following:
    • Day lighting controls
    • Zone-switched luminaires
    • Dimming ballast tied to daylight sessions
    • Photoelectric cells
  • A fire alarm with speakers located throughout for alarm will be provided
  • Developer to specify lighting fixture type
  • Designed for 25 W/SF for medical uses (upgraded from 15W/SF)

Building Access and Security

  • The main lobby will be accessible during regular operating hours.
  • An enter phone system is available at the main entrance and park entrance into the office lobbies for after hour visitor access and secure card reads for tenant access.
  • A conduit and wiring system for the telephone system will be provided to each individual unit. Secure restricted floor access provided through integrated elevator card readers.
  • A 24-hour high definition video surveillance system is provided at all building entry points, lobbies and elevators.
  • Provisions for electronic card readers and electric door latches are provided at all stairwell doors and lobbies.


  • Three centre opening 3,500 lb elevators at each lobby, at each building, with access to all below grade and above grade office levels with stainless steel finishing.
  • Secure restricted floor access provided through integrated elevator card readers.
  • Dedicated bicycle elevators accessible from street level with access to bicycle rooms below grade and end-of-trip shower/change room facilities.

Exterior Facade

  • High performance insulating glazing to have low “e” coating and will be triple pane.
  • Patio doors and sliders on select office units located on the levels that are situated at park level and are adjacent to the park for direct and private access and use.Exterior Landscaping
  • The nearly 10-acre park features a mixture of planting, water features and seating.
  • Planting provides screening for ground level interior commercial use. Furnishing include concrete sitting walls, with wood tops.


  • The office space will connect to Creative Energy’s district energy system via a dedicated energy transfer station.
  • High efficiency lighting and HVAC systems paired with high performance glazing and wall assemblies and reduced thermal bridging will reduce energy demands and overall energy consumption, while improving the indoor environmental quality and overall occupant comfort.
  • Verified direct ventilation, low-emitting base building finishes and indoor air quality testing prior to occupancy will support enhanced indoor air quality to protect the health of future building occupants by reducing pollutant sources and diluting any introduced pollutants through ventilation.
  • Water efficiency and potable water use reductions will be realized through a groundwater reuse system.

Loading and Service

  • Loading Dock manager for operations and maintenance.
  • Dedicated below grade Class A and Class B loading spaces located on P3, accessible from 41st or Cambie Street. • Dedicated office garbage and recycling rooms located below grade.

Life Safety

  • Automatic Fire Protection System in all tenant areas
    are served by an automatic fire protection system. Light hazard, quick response, upright heads will be provided in 1’’ outlets.
  • A fire alarm with speakers located throughout for alarm will be provided.

Parking and Access

  • Access to the parkade can be located off 41st Ave or Cambie St. There are multiple alternative entrances into the parkade.
  • Parking will be located on P3 with one stall per office strata provided, equivalent to one stall/1500 sf sellable area.
  • Office parking will be valet serviced.

Interior Design

Common Space Interiors

  • The main lobby area will have a wood slatted wall, wrapping up to form the ceiling, with linear concealed lighting at wall to ceiling transition.
  • The floor will be grey stone tile, in order to provide a neutral backdrop, and accentuate the wood elements of the walls and ceilings.
  • A back-lit feature wall will provide a dramatic backdrop and minimal source of soft light to the main lobby.
  • The elevator lobby features a matte steel ceiling and elevator cab points of entry are framed by brushed bronze metal.
  • Elevator cabs are clad with back-lit glass and translucent paper, with a narrow strip of mirror. Ceilings will match elevator lobby, as will the stone flooring.
  • Corridors feature linear foot lighting and texture fabric walls. Cove lighting with painted acoustically treated drywall. Carpet flooring will complement the stone flooring of the common spaces below.
  • The floor threshold to the office is grey stone, complimenting the corridor carpet.
  • Washrooms are designed with feature stone tile floors and walls. The countertop and base takes the form of a glass enclosed stone garden, with stone washbasins perched on top.

Turnkey Specifications

  • Ceiling Finish
  • Open ceiling with exposed mechanical and/or suspended finish drywall
  • Lighting
  • LED Light panels/LED recessed pot lights
  • Telecommunication
  • Telephone/internet connection to unit
  • HVAC
  • Distributions from the base building fan-coil unit within the tenant space
  • Wall treatment
  • Paint
  • Custom B+B Italia sourced entry closet Flooring
  • Commercial grade carpet
  • Integrated kitchenette with B+B custom designed cabinetry and built-in appliances:
    • Miele 24” speed oven
    • Full height 24” fridge
    • 24” coffee maker
    • Dishwasher
    • 24” sink and faucet

*Turnkey pricing varies by office size.


Second Floor - General Offices

Third Floor - Medical Offices

Third Floor - General Offices

Fourth Floor - Medical Offices

Fourth Floor - General Offices

Fifth Floor - Medical Offices

Fifth Floor - General Offices

Sixth Floor - Medical Offices

Sixth Floor - General Offices

Test / Example Floorplan of an Office 01

Test / Example Floorplan of an Office 02

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