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The Palazzi at Piero Lissoni x Oakridge

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The Palazzi at Piero Lissoni x Oakridge represent the ultimate residential offering within what is simply one of the most sophisticated and layered developments in the world. They are also, for Westbank, the continuation of a long tradition of bringing the most refined residences possible to Canada, the United States and Tokyo. In a world where terms of ‘luxury’ and ‘iconic’ are traded so easily, the cream rises to the top. Westbank’s most luxurious homes – the estate suites – are the most sought after homes in whichever city they are offered because they truly embody these concepts in every respect.

Lissoni was selected to do the interior design for the building, Piero Lissoni at Oakridge. Lissoni’s design approach for the lobby, the building amenities, the rooftop garden, and all the homes was entirely informed by the proximity and connectivity to the majestic beauty and singular topography of the Pacific Northwest – the dense forest, tree variations, and mountain tops visible on the horizon when the fog breaks.

At Oakridge, with our Palazzi estates, we continue to refine our design with a number of common collaborators such as B&B Italia, Boffi and Miele. From the suite entry door to the triple pane curtain wall envelope and everything in between, we strive to provide stunningly beautiful homes. With what we have seen working with our collaborators thus far, we are confident that our latest effort at Oakridge will be among our finest work to date.

Half of Piero Lissoni at Oakridge’s seventh floor is dedicated to resident amenities. The floor contains a residential lounge with extraordinary views of the park below. The dominant focal point of the lounge is the fireplace clad in blackened steel around which residents can convene on De Padova sofas and Italian inspired lounge chairs. The lounge includes a cinema room, a private dining area and a kitchen facility for easy entertaining. The floors and ceilings are clad in continental oak, and the design of the lounge uses atypical partitions including curtains, glass and bookcases to keep the overall space as open and fluid as possible. Additionally, the seventh floor offers private study rooms, as well as a music room for performing and listening clad in burgundy upholstered panels for acoustics, and a games room with a billiards table. A landscaped exterior amenity garden on the seventh floor connects Piero Lissoni x Oakridge to a wellness centre, complete with cardio equipment, a weight room, and space for yoga and personal training sessions. For additional amenities, homeowners at Piero Lissoni x Oakridge will have access to a membership program for the Oakridge Athletic Club.


An urban enclave defined in equal terms by its landscape and its people, organized around a nearly 10-acre park with elegant towers extruding organically from the landscape; supporting a quality of life that draws on a past steeped in raw natural beauty to represent a future of social, environmental and cultural abundance. Oakridge will be a crossroads for living, working, connecting, learning, creating and exploring – cultivated by those who want to be part of what’s next. 

Oakridge will include: 

  • A cultural hub that pays homage to human experience in all its forms 
  • 2,600 homes for nearly 6,000 residents 
  • Workspace for over 3,000 creative economy professionals 
  • More than 300 stores featuring the world’s most distinguished brands 
  • A unique culinary experience featuring local and global chefs reflecting the diversity of a multicultural global city 
  • One of Vancouver’s largest community centres 
  • Vancouver’s second-largest library 
  • A nearly 10-acre park made up of six integrated smaller parks 
  • The world-renowned Goh Ballet performing arts academy 
  • An incomparable variety of live music venues, including both indoor and outdoor performance spaces 

Oakridge celebrates nature as an integral part of who we are and what makes Vancouver one of the most livable cities in the world. Its organic architecture and comprehensive infrastructure will support an intuitive and serendipitous way of life that evolves constantly, naturally and flexibly. Our vision of Oakridge is a testament to the ability of man and nature to coexist. 

A place for life to unfold. 


Oakridge is at the geographic centre of Vancouver, equidistant between downtown and the international airport. It’s connected to both by the Canada Line, Vancouver’s north-south rapid transit line and is on one of the city’s most important transportation corridors. It sits amidst the most valuable residential real estate in Canada, in one of the most sought-after locations in the world. 

  • 15 minutes to Downtown 
  • 15 minutes to YVR 
  • 20 minutes to UBC 


Oakridge is at a prime location in the heart of Vancouver, in close proximity to several of Canada’s best secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. 

  • Crofton House: 8 minutes 
  • St. George’s: 12 minutes 
  • Vancouver College: 5 minutes 
  • York House: 7 minutes 
  • Little Flower Academy: 5 minutes 
  • SFU, UBC, BCIT (Downtown): 15 minutes 
  • UBC: 20 minutes 


The Oakridge Community Centre is envisioned as the cultural anchor of the community, as much a public square as a building. Designed to operate seven days a week as a multi-use centre branching off from the main lobby, its dynamic range of programs, services, and activities will cater to the unique needs of the Oakridge community. Amenities include athletic and community meeting facilities, a library, a daycare centre, cultural spaces, a 55- plus activity centre, and youth services. At over 100,000 square feet, the Oakridge Community Centre will be the largest of its kind in Vancouver. 


Every aspect of Oakridge has been designed to be energy inter-dependent. The elevators and escalators generate electricity as they move, which is then captured and stored for future use. Solar panels on the residential towers capture energy and turn it into electricity that can be used to light the park. A new urban woodland will be created by planting 1,400 trees and restoring what was once a natural enclave at the heart of the city. 

Oakridge will be heated and cooled by a neighbourhood energy system designed and operated by Creative Energy. With support from our development partner QuadReal and in partnership with Corix, Creative Energy is designing a system that will provide reliable low-carbon energy to Oakridge and the surrounding area. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by nearly 70 percent compared to conventional natural gas boilers or electric chillers, the equivalent to taking 1,325 cars off the road annually. 

The Oakridge Aquifer (also called the Quadra Sands Aquifer) is contained in a layer of course sand and gravel that is roughly 12 to 28 metres thick, 14 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide. Regularly recharged by Vancouver’s generous rainfall, this water is naturally filtered through upper layers of soil, silt and sand, and protected from air- source bacteria that can be found in surface reservoirs. By using this fresh, pure water to irrigate the nearly 10-acre Oakridge park, operate water features, flush toilets, and generate cooling, Oakridge can save nearly 77,000 cubic metres of fresh water from the Capilano Reservoir every year. That’s enough water to fill 30 Olympic-size swimming pools. 


At nearly 10 acres, the park will form the connective tissue of Oakridge, uniting all programs and user groups across the site, while weaving nature into the lives of residents and visitors. We envision every element of a vibrant city integrated and interconnected into a complete community anchored within a lush, biodiverse urban forest. 

The park will include a one-kilometre running loop, community gardens, playgrounds, and on-site agriculture.


Inspired by the great traditional food halls of Europe and the more contemporary ones in Asia, the food hall at Oakridge aspires to be a destination for global cuisine. 

The Kitchen will be anchored by over twenty kiosks overseen and run by culinary talent from around the world. In addition to housing an unprecedented selection of curated food options, the 65,000-square-foot main Food Hall will also feature a mezzanine with a 32,000-square- foot brew pub. Combined, all of these elements will come together to make the Kitchen one of the largest, most interesting culinary venues in the world. 


Oakridge will provide a variety of music venues and a breadth of live-music programming that will rival the great performance spaces in any of the world’s cultural capitals. 

In the park, there will be three outdoor music venues, for anywhere from 500 to 2,500 people. Indoors, a dedicated, world-class live-music venue will program 300 performances a year. Inside the centre, there will be five more music venues: on the high street, in the living room (the major mixing chamber just inside the main entrance), and in each of the other two mixing chambers. When you add all of these venues together, there will be more than 100 acts performing each week. 


As a permanent institution at Oakridge, Goh Ballet will leverage unparalleled new facilities to combine dance, education, and performance into a world-class performing arts centre. Goh Ballet and its students will make a significant contribution to the way people express, view, and enjoy art day-to-day at Oakridge. The plan for Goh Oakridge includes everything from regular ballet performances in the park and in Oakridge’s three major mixing chambers, to collaborations with musical performers, workshops, drop-in classes and exhibitions. 


Oakridge will begin its new life as the best-connected neighbourhood in the city – maybe the country. Apple has selected Vancouver as one of their top 100 global cities. They have committed to investing in these cities long term for future technological innovations and collaborations. The Apple Store at Oakridge will be a hub for education, learning and connecting for residents, visitors and workers alike, and will feature a lecture hall, studio, and lab. 

All homes at Oakridge will come standard with smart home accessories that work with Apple HomeKit, making it possible to cue a whole range of home functions with a few taps on your iPhone/ iPad using the Apple Home app, or with a quick voice command by simply asking Siri on your HomePod to turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, cue the music, or see who’s at the door.


Oakridge will be a social centre, known for creating experiences . People will find the future of retail at Oakridge because that’s where they will also find their friends and neighbours here, they will listen to music, eat fine food, watch dancers in the park and be able to enjoy the city’s most interesting and surprising collection of public art created with an $8m public art contribution. Convenience and curated retail will be a parts of Oakridge but they will be two of many, interesting and integrated reasons to come here. We hope with Oakridge to create a place that people will come to because their lives will be enriched. 


The new Oakridge plan adds approximately half a million square feet of new workspace, oriented towards the creative economy and the wellness and medical professions. This space, which will increase employment numbers from 450 to over 3,000, is distributed amid the project’s almost 10 acres of park. Added to the 3,600 jobs associated with the expanded shopping centre, this new workspace will create employment opportunities for people who will live at Oakridge, as well as for the growing population in the surrounding Cambie corridor. 


Available for lease upon completion. 


  • Approximately $0.83 per square foot. 
  • Geothermal exchange central air-conditioning, heating, and water 
  • Concierge services include 24hour front desk, parcel receipt and delivery, in-suite dining experience from the Oakridge Kitchen, and BMW bike-share program 


Oakridge will offer an unprecedented range of options and services. 

Valet Service 

  • Valet Membership 
  • $188 monthly*** 
  • Electrical Vehicle $228 monthly*** with compatible adapters 
  • One Bedroom waitlist enrollment 
  • Two Bedrooms include one valet membership 
  • Three Bedrooms include two valet memberships 
  • Underground bike silos or bike rooms for residents to access to their own bicycles 

Oakridge Car Share Club 

$200 monthly*** credit allowance to operate Oakridge’s fleet of luxury vehicles 

BC TransLink Compass Card 

1-Zone transit pass per household for first two years of home ownership 


1. $50,000 bank draft or certified cheque with Contract of Purchase and Sale and increase to 10% of Purchase Price within 7 days;

2. 10% of Purchase Price payable 30 days following receipt of the Building Permit Amendment and the Financing or the date that is 6 months from Contract Date;

3. 5% of Purchase Price 12 months after the Second Deposit.


  • Number of Homes: 70 
  • Estimated Completion Date: Early 2024 

Piero Lissoni, a renowned Italian designer, architect and artist with an international practice, was selected to do the interior design for the Piero Lissoni x Oakridge tower. With 42 floors Piero Lissoni x Oakridge is one of the tallest residential towers within the project. On the upper floors 28-41, the Lissoni Palazzi are our latest estate series and a continuation of Westbank’s history of creating the most sought-after homes in the cities in which we practice. Lissoni’s design approach for the lobby, the building amenities, the rooftop garden, and all of the homes was entirely informed by proximity and connectivity to the beauty and singular topography of the Pacific Northwest – the dense forests, tree variations, and mountain tops visible on the horizon when the fog breaks. The stunning natural views that the homes and amenity spaces in this building offer form the centrepiece around which Lissoni x Oakridge is designed. 


Residents have the option to purchase homes furnished by Piero Lissoni, ensuring there is a consistency in the design language and presentation throughout the entire home. The furniture package created by Lissoni draws from inspiration from European comfort while emphasizing the light, air and space in each home. Artistic pieces provide special details throughout the homes in Lissoni’s signature eclectic style. Furniture packages feature chairs, tables, sofas, beds and cabinets designed by Piero Lissoni.


  • High performance, low-E coated, articulated curtain wall system with aluminum frames and architectural expression 
  • Triple glazed façade allows for higher acoustical and environmentally sustainable energy performance 
  • Sanctuaries – a private cocoon space furnished with elegant and beautifully functional built-in pieces, floor-to- ceiling exterior sliding doors create a seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces* 
  • Oversized terraces and deck with glass guardrails and landscaping create extended exterior living spaces with outdoor BBQ gas outlet for outdoor entertaining * 
  • Spacious concrete balconies with glass guardrails complement the interior material palette, harmonizing the interior and exterior spaces* 
  • Residential building lobby entrance featuring over height lobby space and full height glass doors at entry with indoor/ outdoor lobby water feature** 


  • Optimized high-performance building envelope to minimize building heating and cooling demand 
  • Low carbon centralized geothermal district energy utility plant providing heating, cooling and domestic hot water 
  • 4 pipe fan coil heating and air conditioning (HVAC) in each suite 
  • Utilizing landscape areas and storm water detention tanks to reduce storm water runoff to city connection 
  • Storm water quality control systems 
  • Efficient heat recovery ventilators for each suite 
  • Plumbing fixtures package design with low flow water consumption 


  • Reinforced concrete along with post-tensioned slab design allowing for longer span tower levels minimizing columns and maximizing suite layouts, balcony areas and views 
  • Concrete slabs dampening noise and mitigating vibrations between occupied levels 


  • “One-Touch” master switch at front entry to conveniently operate lighting 
  • LED lighting throughout within dropped ceilings 


  • Residential lobby with 24-hour concierge and security 
  • Building-wide electronic control system with encrypted fob access 
  • 24-hour digital video surveillance of building entry points • Encrypted entry phone system 
  • High speed elevators with restricted floor access 


  • Secure gated parking garage entrances 
  • Electric vehicle charging stations 
  • Residential valet services with dedicated convenient drop off locations 
  • Car wash areas 
  • Exclusive and premier membership for Car Club (option to homeowners)


  • Lounge with a fireplace and Italian inspired lounge chairs and sofas, engineered oak flooring and custom millwork throughout 
  • Fully-equipped Boffi kitchen and spacious dining area perfect for entertaining 
  • Bookshelves flank the study room creating a quiet residential library overlooking the Oakridge Park 
  • Games room with a billiards table 
  • Music room for performing and listening, clad with upholstered acoustic panels 
  • Wellness centre with cardio equipment, weight equipment and space for yoga and personal training sessions 
  • Directly connected to shared spacious outdoor garden featuring outdoor lounge area, bocce court, child’s play area and urban agriculture (see below) 


  • Landscaped outdoor space on floor 7 connecting to indoor amenities 
  • Vista of the park below with the same tree species planted in the park and upper residential garden 
  • Evergreen and deciduous species, predominance of white flowering trees, and fruiting orchard trees creating a visual extension of the park below up into the amenity garden 
  • Bocce court with seating areas 
  • Children’s play area with play equipment, seating benches and planting area 
  • Outdoor fireplace with lounge area, with hammock and lounge chairs 
  • Outdoor kitchen with BBQ counter and gracious long-table dining area 


  • Hand-crafted Fazioli piano 
  • Dramatic double height ceiling 
  • The lobby is a study of warm wood surfaces and dramatic lighting that creates a backdrop for an eclectic mix of Italian furniture curated by Piero Lissoni 
  • Stained dark oak wood feature wall in juxtaposition to a backlit wall 
  • Water feature inside and outside for visually seamless appearance. 


  • High speed elevators with centre-opening doors 
  • Light ribbed stone walls with matching honed stone floor on the interior 


  • Interiors custom-designed by Piero Lissoni 
  • Sophisticated over height suite entry doors with operable side panel 
  • Entryway delineated with luxurious wood feature wall and steel frame glass door* 
  • Triple pane curtain wall for added thermal and acoustic performance and articulated for architectural expression 
  • Fully glazed sliders/swing doors on Sanctuaries, balconies and terraces 
  • Engineered oak flooring in a classic chevron pattern with a choice between continental oak for the dark color scheme and white oak for the light color scheme 
  • Custom-designed glass closets with black metal frames by Piero Lissoni promoting openness of the interior layout 
  • Kohler plumbing fixtures and fittings throughout 
  • Motorized sun shades in living areas; black-out shades in sleeping spaces


  • The Piero Lissoni designed Boffi On/Off kitchen features a self-contained unit giving the homeowner the ability to “hide” away their kitchen or keep it open, with a button to open or close a bi-fold door electrically 
  • All appliances are Miele stainless steel and seamlessly integrated with the custom designed Boffi kitchen 
  • Kitchen cabinetry with a choice between a walnut wood finish and dark wood finish 
  • The “interior” of the kitchen unveiled is stainless steel for the countertop, backsplash and side walls 
  • LED lighting, integrated shelving units and integrated hood fan 
  • Custom designed Boffi kitchen island matte white cabinetry with a luxurious stone countertop*


  • Miele 36” fridge* 
  • Miele 32” induction cooktop* 
  • Boffi integrated hood fan 
  • Miele 24” speed oven 
  • Miele 30” oven* 
  • Miele 24” dishwasher 
  • Miele under-counter wine fridge* 
  • Miele washer and ventless dryer


  • Miele 36” fridge 
  • Miele 32” cooktop 
  • Boffi integrated hood fan 
  • Miele 24” speed oven 
  • Miele 30” oven 
  • Miele 24” dishwasher 
  • Miele under-counter wine fridge 
  • Miele washer and ventless dryer


  • Integrated sink and countertop with a choice of blue-grey stone for the dark scheme and beige stone for the light scheme 
  • Dark wood cabinetry under vanity countertop 
  • Custom designed mirrored medicine cabinet with storage shelving and integrated LED lighting 
  • Built-in bathtub with a choice of blue-grey stone for the dark scheme and beige stone for the light scheme with matching textured stone surround 
  • Custom shower in blue-grey stone for the dark scheme and beige stone for the light scheme 
  • Matching blue-grey stone for the dark scheme and beige stone for the light scheme on wet walls and floor 
  • Frameless glass enclosed showers with matte black metal fittings, hand shower and rain showerhead* 
  • Contemporary Kohler matte fixtures and fittings 
  • Concealed tank toilet with wall mounted flush plate


  • Blue-grey stone countertop for dark scheme or beige stone for light scheme 
  • Dark wood cabinetry under vanity countertop 
  • Mirrored medicine cabinet with integrated LED lighting 
  • Matching natural stone tile on wet walls and floor 
  • Contemporary Kohler matte fixtures and fittings 
  • Concealed tank toilet with wall mounted flush plateframes by Piero Lissoni promoting openness of the interior layout 
  • Kohler plumbing fixtures and fittings throughout 
  • Motorized sun shades in living areas; black-out shades in sleeping spaces





Three Bedroom Flat at 28th floor

Two Bedroom Flat at 41st floor

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